Drone Racing Africa


Racing League


  • Weekly inter-club events in the major cities – Level 1 events
  • Monthly race meetings in the major cities – Level 2 events
  • Quarterly Regional Championships – Level 3 events
  • Annual Championship – Level 4 events
  • Schools league – providing wild card entry into main league for winners


Pilots earn points for passing two checkpoints and finishing the course. They also get points for every second they finish under a certain time gap.

Heats & Points

Each race is made up of a number of heats. A pilot’s score is determined by their total points over those heats.

Rounds & Elimination

At each race’s Qualifying Round, pilots battle across 3 races for the most points. The top 8 pilots move to the Semi-Finals, and only 4 go on to Finals. In each race, there are three heats, with total points the sum of all three.


The national league will have a five event season with four regular events around the country culminating in a national championship. Racers compete in monthly regional events to accumulate points in the different race categories and the top point holders get invited to the final championship.


  • Major prizes include winning a trip to the world championships
  • Quarterly prizes based on rankings and points achieved

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