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Drone Proficiency Course

So, you’re looking at buying a drone but you’ve never flown one before… or perhaps you know how to fly but are not too sure about the rules surrounding unmanned aviation in South Africa. We’d like to ask you this. Would you ever consider driving a car without a valid driver’s licence or insurance? We thought not. So why should your answer be any different when flying a drone?

With the skies literally filling up with unmanned aircraft and the media abuzz with incidents and accidents waiting to happen, not only is it becoming increasingly important for drone owners all over the world to be able to fly competently and safely, but equally you are expected to understand and respect the regulations set out by each country’s relevant authority, in our case the South African Civil Aviation Authority or SACAA.

Drone Racing Africa is proud to play a role in responsible drone flight through the provision of two drone proficiency certificate courses.

Drone Proficiency Theory Course  

Where:  Online

Duration: 40-60 mins to complete

Cost: R250

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Drone Proficiency Practical Course

Where: Cape Town and Joburg

When: Sat 8:30-10:30 or 11:30-13:30

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: R950

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With DRA’s proficiency certificates in hand, drone owners will be eligible to receive exclusive drone insurance benefits through our partner, Drone Covered, South Africa’s first insurance product to cover non-commercial drone pilots with third party liability, in-flight cover and household theft/ damage insurance before, during and after flight.

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