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Drone Competency Course

Drone Racing Africa (DRA) runs a drone competency course that teaches drone owners to fly a drone safely and in abidance with the rules and regulations of the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The course provides students with the essential theory, practical knowledge and skills required to fly safely.

What’s involved?

The drone competency course takes place over 1.5 days and consists of theory, simulator and practical modules. Classroom components include navigation and planning, air law as well as procedures and principles of flight, among others. Simulator training concentrates on line-of-sight flying, throttle management, hover control and turning over axes. At the end of training, all students will be required to pass a ‘flight test’, which is examined or ‘signed out’ by an experienced Drone Racing Africa Flight Instructor.

Who should sign up for this course?

The drone competency course is aimed at adult drone enthusiasts and hobbyists (16 years and above) who either already own a drone or are interested in buying their own drone to fly on a regular basis for recreational purposes. For school goers, we also offer a drone racing course which focuses on learning the basics of First Person View (FPV) flying and racing.

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