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Drone Racing Africa Corporate Activations are specifically designed as an alternative to the more traditional corporate team building and incentive offering.

Technology is forming an undeniable part of everyday lives and business. Drone racing brings the excitement and sheer exhilaration of high paced FPV (First Person Viewing) into a very tangible and experiential environment for corporates to use as a beneficial platform for networking and business development.

Corporate Days: What’s involved?

At DRA, we believe it is important to find relevance within the world of Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and their ever increasing applications within our world. Whether you are looking for a brief overview of the industry or wanting and in-depth deep dive into the specifics of each sector, we can offer you a theoretical and practical presentation to your audience.

By learning first-hand how to fly a drone, guests at corporate days will gain an appreciation for UAVs and their capabilities. By incorporating drone racing into the event it adds an element of fun and interaction and at the same time demonstrates through an innovative mechanism this emerging product where technology meets sport.

Corporate Activations can be completely tailored to suit your company’s individual requirements, however three of our most popular options, based on time availability, budgetary considerations and overall corporate objectives, are listed below:

Option #1 

Spending a few hours with the DRA team, participants will be given limited exposure to actual drone flying dependent on individual competency, but we will guarantee flight simulator fun for those that find line-of-sight and FPV flying to be challenging.

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Option #2

This package will include additional introductory theory and longer simulator time with the emphasis on learning to fly a drone.

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Option #3

Our most comprehensive event provides a full day on site, where participants will learn how to fly and race drones using FPV, culminating in racing through an obstacle course against other competitors. Get in touch for a quote.

If you would like to discuss your specific business requirements in more detail with the DRA, please get in touch with us today.

The DRA is also available to demonstrate the art of drone racing at your corporate events. To read more about what we can offer, click here.

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